AOR 7030

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Key Points:

Frequency coverage 0 - 32 MHz
Mode reception: USB, LSB, CW, AM, Synchronous AM, NFM, DATA
Advanced IP3 greater than +35dBm
Very high dynamic range
>100dB in AM mode with 7kHz filter
>105dB in SSB mode with 2.2kHz filter
>110dB in CW mode with 500Hz filter

Seamless tuning using single loop DDS, no tuning "plops" at regular intervals
TCXO frequency standard fitted
Variable bandwidth synchronous detector with selection of USB, LSB, DSB or anything in between
Automatically calibrated and aligned filters
Specially developed AGC release charactenstic
Passband tuning +/-5kHz
Audio pitch tune in CW & DATA modes
DOT MATRIX rear illuminated LCD with plenty of on-screen information
Assignable controls
Re-configurable receiver, switch between several favourite set-ups
100 memory channels (400 in Plus version)
Clock and timer facility
Supplied with full function infra-red-hand control